Sell Your Boat

Looking to sell your boat? As a complete Sales, Service and Brokerage Dealership- the Karma Yacht Sales professionals are well trained to provide you with top level service in listing and marketing your investment. By allowing our 20 plus years of experience in the industry to go to work for you, rest assured that we will help find qualified buyers for your boat.

Now that you have come to the decision to sell your boat, there are a few things to keep in mind when working with your professional yacht broker at Karma Yacht Sales, LLC.

1. Location

There is a saying in real estate that the three factors that affect the sale of your property are: location, location and location.  Because it is a capital investment for most buyers, the same is true when selling your yacht. Buyers are busy individuals such as yourself and usually want to look at several yachts in one day. To increase the access to multiple potential buyers your boat should be located in a yacht center such as a boat yard or harbor. This will ensure that your boat is in the center of the sales activity and consequently it will be shown more frequently.

The wider the exposure, the faster your boat will sell. Also, buyers tend to gravitate to certified yacht dealer/brokers when they are shopping for boats.  So clearly, another advantage to listing your yacht with Karma Yacht Sales, LLC is that the first place potential buyers usually look is a dealer/broker with strong product knowledge who can answer all their questions and knows the history of the product(s).

2. Condition of your Yacht

While it is not required, there are definite advantages to having a survey done by a qualified marine surveyor. The findings will enable you to correct any problems that you may not have known about. Having a good survey in hand is a great selling tool when presenting your yacht. We especially recommend having a survey done and on file for boats greater than five years old.

3. Appearance of your Yacht

Presentation is everything when selling your boat. So it is important that your boat be clean inside and out. We suggest that all gear which will not be sold with the yacht be removed before the boat is shown. This includes all the spare parts and treasures we all seem to collect over time. It’s the little and seemingly obscure areas that really make an impression with the buyer. Pay special attention to the lockers as clutter in the lockers will not show off the storage space available.

The engine room and engine should be squeaky clean; the stove and under the stove area, the bilge and the head, should all be spotless. You often only have one chance to impress a potential buyer so it is important that the first impression be a positive one.

The whole boat should be in “Boat Show condition” inside and out. This is really important. If you don’t have the time, we’ll be glad to put you in touch with professionals who specialize in detailing your yacht.  It is well worth the time and expense.

5. The Listing Price of your Yacht

Everyone wants to get the best price possible in the sale of their boat. To do so, Research is the only answer.

Your Karma Yacht Sales brokerage professional will find several similar boats on the market (this is called running a Comparative Analysis or “comp”). Comparing the price, condition and equipment; find out how long the boat has been on the market and other details which will affect the listing price of your boat. It is recommended that you:

  • Review recent sales of similar yachts (what they sold for not their advertised price) on the sold boat multiple listing service.
  • Look at other available sources such as BUC Book and NADA . Your listing broker will use these resources only as guidelines for they are often a little high or low.
  • Remember, when setting the price, you have to leave a little room for negotiating.

All of these factors will go into the marketing strategy that your Karma Yacht Sales professional listing broker will take into account when advising you on a listing price for your boat.

There is one aspect of setting the price that we have to be perfectly frank about. This may not apply to you, but we sometimes see sellers who are emotionally attached to their boats and are looking for unrealistic prices. We should warn you, some brokers are interested in just getting the listing- so they will list a boat at any price. Their strategy is that after a few lowball offers, you (the owner) will get realistic and accept a lower price.

This strategy can be expensive to the seller because in reality the time it will take to sell the boat will be excessive. If time isn’t important to you, and you really want a price that seems higher then the market, let your listing broker know in advance.  At least then he or she will bring you only those buyers who are interested in your boat at your price.

Representation of your Yacht

The brokerage professionals at Karma Yacht Sales will represent your boat to interested buyers and field the calls regarding equipment and specifications. This ensures that your valuable time will not be lost and that your boat will still be marketed to the largest group possible of potential buyers. Your listing broker will present offers on your boat and help with the processing of sales contracts. We fully represent you in all the many nuances of the buy/sell process.

For more information on having the professionals at Karma Yacht Sales represent you Contact Us or Call us today at (773) 254-0200 or 877-299-2537