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North Rip Spotfishing Boats

Designed for serious sportfishing but built to thrive in the most demanding commercial, recreational, and charter-fishing environments, North Rip boats will exceed your expectations. North Rip boats are built in the U.S.A. by USWatercraft, the leader in the resin-infusion technology that results in lighter, stronger hulls and a cleaner environment.

As a recreational boat, the North Rip boats hit a sweet spot in the powerboat market for center console tender boats.   Useful for Race committee mark set boats, committee boats or just to get out and watch your team practice, the North Rip 21 and 30 are a great addition or primary member of your flotilla.  The North Rip boats are designed with the practical user in mind- you!

Available Models:

North Rip 21

North Rip 30

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