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Alerion New Boat Models

Sailing. Pure and Simple.

Alerion Sailing.

“Day sailing” is a phrase commonly used to describe sailing in small boats that are neither cruisers nor racers.  We find the phrase limiting.

Alerion Sailing” is a much richer experience, one implying the delight of sailing a boat fast enough to race, simple enough to welcome aboard companions with any level of skill or to single hand, able to get underway in minutes and to enjoy the lightest zephyrs or a heavy breeze. Alerion Sailing calls you to the way sailing should be!

Alerion Yachts are manufactured with pride at the US Watercraft production facility in Warren, Rhode Island.

Available Models

Express Series

Alerion Express 20

Alerion Express 28

Alerion Express 33

Alerion Express 38

Sport Series

Alerion Sport 33

Heritage Series

Alerion 41

To Obtain more information or to request ALERION Specs, Pricing or a Brochure-  Contact Us.