Commissioning Process & Tips

The commissioning process is unique for every yacht. As a result, these methods may vary slightlyfor each vessel. This list is intended to help you understand the amount of work that goesinto preparing your new boat, and the expenses associated with commissioning it.

Commissioning and Yard Fees include:

  • Yard storage, movement and launching fees prior to initial launch
  • Delivery inspection and inventory of all equipment shipped by builder
  • Off-loading boat from delivery truck onto custom cradle for preparation
  • Off-loading and storage of mast, boom and other loose-shipped items
  • Locate and procure all short-shipped items and components
  • Bottom sanding, prepping and painting (with VC-17)
  • Installation of deck hardware, lifelines, stern rail and bow pulpit (as required)
  • Installation of any “boat show special” electronics and items
  • Completion and system check of all wiring aboard vessel
  • Cleaning and testing of water tanks and system
  • Preparation of gas system; fill tank(s) with propane fuel, perform stove test
  • Cleaning of bilge, cabin


Also included are the following safety / courtesy items:

  • Anchor (appropriate size), chain and rodeDocklines (4) and lockers
  • Shink-wrap covering of boat (seasonal)
  • Installation of keel (as required)
  • Testing of engine and on-board power system
  • Perform tests to all other related on-board systems (A/C, genset, inverter, etc.)
  • Preparation and building of the mast including: running rigging, wiring and cable installation and assembly of spreader, stays, shrouds, and furling system (where applicable)
  • Stepping and standard tune of the mast and rig
  • Installation and testing of the furling sails (where applicable) into the mast and headstay foil
  • Cleaning and waxing of the hull and topsides
  • Clean, sand and protect (with Cetol/oil) all topside/cockpit teak
  • Sea trial and operations overview with new owner
  • Fenders (3)
  • Fire Extinguishers (2 or 3)
  • Flare Kit
  • Boat Hook
  • Life Ring (for stern rail)
  • Life Vests (6 or 8)
  • Fog Horn
  • Fog Bell
  • U.S. Flag with flagpole
  • First-Aid Kit

Tips for New Owners

Note: These tips are intended solely as a recommendation for boat owners.  If an issue is beyond your skill level as a do-it yourselfer, please consult a marine professional to do the work.   Karma Yacht Sales, LLC assumes no liability for damage that may be incurred from workmanship performed by an owner on their boat.

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