About Karma Yacht Sales

We realize it is an unusual (yet memorable) name for a sailboat dealership. Everyone asks us where the name came from. What does Karma have to do with sailing? Perhaps, more than you may think.

In September of 2002 we purchased the Lake Michigan Beneteau dealership, which had been known as Darfin Yachts for several years, and faced a dilemma. Darfin had become a well-established name in the sailing industry, but we had some strong ideas and plans to implement for the future. One of them included a decision to change the name to Karma Yacht Sales. This was not an easy decision to make, but we have always chosen to plot our own course, so to speak, and the name Karma resonated with us for many reasons. We personally define it as follows:

Karma is the belief that waves of good fortune follow admirable actions.

As a business principle it is very straightforward: treat others as you wish to be treated.

In fourteen years, we have enhanced the level of customer service to a level of national notice. We have been perennial recipients of the prestigious  USA President’s TOP 10 AWARD for Superior Customer Satisfaction (Beneteau) ,Service and Sales. In 2008, we achieved the status of "Beneteau Platinum Dealer". A title reserved for dealers who have met rigorous standards for business practice, processes and customer service. In October of 2011 we were awarded the  Dealer of the Year award for Beneteau North America. It signified the first time in the history of the award that a dealership received a perfect Customer Service Satisfaction Score of 100%. An accomplishment of which we are very proud.

More than just being trophies, these awards are symbolic of the individualized care that we offer each of our clients. We remember what it was like to be a new boat buyer for the first time. We truly believe that anyone can sell a boat once, but few can do it continually and retain clients for life. Simply said, We are focused on having you be a client of ours for the lifetime of your boat ownership and then some.

In January 2016, after over 38 years of representing the brand-we made the difficult decision to part ways with Beneteau America.  We are currently focusing our time on Alerion, C&C and our brokerage business.  In a quest to pursue other interests,  Co-Founder Jack Buoscio left Karma Yacht Sales in May 2016. In July of 2016 we expanded our product portolio and took on the U.S Watercraft brands True North Yachts and North Rip Sport fishing boats.  We continue to interview production boat brands to find the right fit for our discerning customer base.  A focus on quality product, integrity in dealer relationships and customer service will be the hallmarks of the brand that ultimately select.  

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, unique brands that meet the needs of Lake Michigan boaters and continuing to share the passion for the water that has made Karma Yacht Sales a household name in the boating community. 

Call us to find out what makes us unique. 

We are Karma Yacht Sales- Your Midwest Marine Company! 

The Karma Story

We are often asked how and why we got into the Marine Business. When this is done we hope you will have learned...

  • A little bit about Karma Yacht Sales
  • About the Fine yachts we represent
  • Why we are not just any other Yacht dealership.
In The Beginning...

The Year is 1999, longtime friends Jack Buoscio and Lou Sandoval learn of BENETEAU yachts while researching sailboats for a "move up" from their 26 foot 1978 AMF Paceship-"Chiquita". Because this was to be their first new boat purchase, they wanted to make sure that the boat they selected was of high quality, proven performanceand because this probably would not be their last boat- had excellent resale value.

They came upon Darfin Yachts owned by Joe & Elaine Darby who represented BENETEAU in Lake Michigan. Being the informed customers that they were, Jack & Lou realized that the BENETEAU First 33.7 was the boat that met their needs for racing and cruising.


The boat was aptly named 'Karma' and a boat partnership (the Karma Sailing Group) was formed with Lou's brother Martin and another longtime friend Rob Schoenstedt.

As time passed, Jack & Lou's experience with their new BENETEAU had them grow even more impressed with the product and the manufacturer.

Having struck a friendship with Joe & Elaine Darby, Jack & Lou were able to apply their passion for BENETEAU as salesmen for Darfin Yachts. The friendship added a dimension of possible business ownership for Jack & Lou as they learned of The Darby's interest in selling Darfin Yachts. Jack left his 16 year career to work full-time with Darfin Yachts, and the planning began.

Jack and Lou considered many options for naming their new company. As active racers, It all kept coming back to their first new BENETEAU-'Karma'. Realizing that 'Karma' was an unusual name for a business, the principles of KARMA rang true to what they wanted their new business to stand for.

In 2001, Jack and Lou founded KARMA YACHT SALES, LLC.  After much planning and organizing, Karma Yacht Sales, LLC purchased Darfin Yachts on September 30, 2002.   On October 1, 2002-Karma Yacht Sales, LLC officially open its doors at 1945 S. Halsted St.

And Since Then...

Lake Michigan Beneteau Owners developed a sense of community fitting of the fine yachts they sail.

In 2004, KYS moved to a new location at 2001 S. Halsted St.

In 2007, Karma Yacht Sales found a place to call home a few blocks away from their location in the Bridgeport Neighborhood of Chicago.    After a Six month long renovation was completed, Karma Yacht Sales opened their main office in January 2008.   KYS main office is just a few minutes from Chicago’s downtown area and within easy access to Burnham or 31st Street harbor.

In the summer of 2008, they opened a second location at Crowley’s Yacht Yard at 3434 E 95th Street on Chicago’s Southeast side very close to the neighborhood in which both Jack and Lou grew up.


We understand that there are many boat brands out there and almost as many boat dealers.   At Karma Yacht Sales we strongly believe that anyone can sell you a boat once, but very few can repeat that experience and make you a customer for life.  We aim to be the focal source of your boating needs-your sailboat specialists.  Below are just a few of the comments some of our many satisfied clients have relayed to us.   Your compliments and referrals are our greatest source of reinforcement that we are on the right path.   Enclosed are a few:

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"You have done a fantastic job taking care of everything for me. .. I really appreciate someone who takes as much care of a client AFTER the sale as before. Congrats on that!  

Bruce & Jackie "Nalani" 2014 Beneteau Oceanis 41

"As a New boat owner and now a brokerage customer, I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Karma team.  From representation to completion of sale- top level professionals."  

Ron  2008 First 36.7 'Opus' -Brokerage

"It's a real pleasure doing business with KYS, not once but three times. Each time you have exceeded my expectations!"  

Paul "IKO IKO"  2013 Beneteau Oceanis 45 (4th Beneteau owned)

" Thank you, as always, for looking out for Encore and for us. We truly appreciate the way you continue to have our back, even years after we purchased our boat. "

Tracy & Tony - "Encore"- 2012 Beneteau Oceanis 45 (formerly a 2008 Beneteau 40)

"...Karma Yacht Sales was a pleasure to deal with...their sales process made me feel very comfortable during the experience and their service staff has been responsive post-sale"

Geoff -"Doux Voile"- 2009 Beneteau 31

"...Karma's reputation for honesty and integrity was very important to us. Our dealings with Jack, Lou, John and Jose, among others, have backed that reputation.  We felt that we were treated fairly in the sales process, and we could not be happier with the post-sales experience with Karma."

Matt and Emily -2008 Beneteau 37 "Endeavor"

"I would like to express my pleasure with the Karma Yachts experience. My dealings have been professional in all aspects.  The buying experience was virtually flawless.  Warrantee equipment items, (when they occurred) have been addressed expeditiously and most importantly effectively.  That is, items fixed have not had to be revisited.  This is an experience from previous boat ownerships that have always been a problem, but not with Karma Yachts. 

Based on my experience with the team at Karma Yachts, I have had no reservations in recommending Karma to other interested buyers.  Recently, we have listed with Karma Yachts to sell our boat, with an eye to enter a lease or buy-up to a larger unit with Karma." 

Neil- 2005 Beneteau 373 

"Thanks for all your help making the purchase of our new yacht so enjoyable, everyone at Karma (Yacht Sales)has been wonderful to work with..."              

Dave and Kim -   "Nirvana" -2008 First 10R #38

"Having purchased a few boats of different brands... my experience with Karma Yachts is my best boat purchasing experience and will be hard to beat"

Steve-2008 First 36.7 "Stingray"

"In November of 2007 we purchased a new Beneteau 46 from Karma Yachts.  From taking our current boat in trade to the delivery of he new boat, on time and with no issues, Karma has been outstanding to work with.  As with any new boat, there were a couple of small issues we discovered during the season and the Karma service team was very responsive and did  great job.   We are enjoying the boat and enjoyed working with the folks at Karma Yachts."

Mark- Waukegan, IL

"KARMA Yachts Sales is without compare. From my initial purchase and installation of equipment, to warranty service, on through to the sale of my boat, the Team at KARMA has been first class in every respect. Actions speak louder then words, and the KARMA Advantage is a guarantee from my perspective."

J. T. - (former) owner of "Taurus"-2004 First 36.7

"In March of 2004, my husband, John, and I purchased our Beneteau 373 (a retirement dream) from Karma Yachts. Jack, Lou and John at Karma Yachts were right there every step of the way during one of the happiest times in our lives. In the three years that followed the purchase of our boat, they were always willing to help, no matter how big or small the question or concern. Then, during the saddest time in my life, Karma Yachts was right there for me once again. My husband, the captain of our beautiful Beneteau 373, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Jack answered the phone when I called Karma Yachts to inform them of my loss and that I would be selling our beautiful boat. Jack was so very caring, compassionate and supportive; his first concern was for me and my family. When we started the selling process, Lou was right there every step of the way for me. Lou was constantly telling me, and I quote, "no worries, no worries." He was right. From start to finish, Lou kept me informed and explained each of the details that I needed to attend to during the sale. You will have "no worries" indeed when dealing with Karma Yachts."

Donna - Former Beneteau 373 owner; Hull # 2

"You guys are the best! I try to promote Karma (Yacht Sales) whenever I can."

J. Hyla –owner of Bella Luna-First 36.7

"Karma Yachts made the sale of our boat a pleasure. They were professional and our boat sold with minimal hassle to us."

John & Kim - Beneteau 321 Chicago, IL

"Karma helped us sell our boat and took care of the all the details. Job well done.!"

Steve -Beneteau 393-Wisconsin

"Karma Yachts was super. The boat buying process was great. My boat has been wonderful. Thank you very much.!"

Rich - Beneteau 331-Chicago, IL